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TCTRC- RC Transponder

The RC Transponder is  dedicated to low velocity sports, such as active sports ( cycling, speed- and roller-skating, running based sports ) , cross-country skiing and rental karting races .
The RC transponder is supplied with a disposable lithium cell 3V battery. With its small dimensions, the RC can easily and comfortably be worn on a belt, on the wrist or the leg or positioned on the chain stay of the frame of a bicycle . The integrated LED flashes every time the RC crosses the active detection loop to indicate the correct operation of the transponder.

Tag Heuer Transponder
Technical specifications
• Emission : magnetic induction
• Maximum speed : 120 km/h (75 mph)
• Maximum height of detection : 1.20 m (3.93 ft)
• Temperature range : – 35 °C to + 70 °C (-31°F to 158 °F)
• Dimensions : 48 X 28 X 13 mm (1.9 x 1.1 x 0.5 in)
• Weight : 19 gr. / 0.66 oz
• Disposable 3V battery
• Lithium cell battery
• Type: CR 2450
• Warranty : Battery operator warranty
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Warranty• 1 year warranty – excluding battery
• No warranty made in case of improper installation, maintenance or use

TCDP1 – Protime Decoder

The Protime decoder is used in general in road cycling events or karting tracks or in addition, it can serve as backup with a  Elite decoder. This decoder does not have SD card to store passings but it has a small memory to store up to 2000 passings. The decoder has a TCP/IP and RS232 interface for the communication with the computer. Option: additional Input Loop (TCDP2)

Tag heuer Decoder
Technicals specifications
Saves passing
100 % reliability
TCP/IP interface
Resolution : 0.001 s