Kart1 offers a complete repair service. From chassis repair to motor replacement to controller exchange, our experienced techs will keep you in the race.

Our chassis jigs maintain factory dimensions and geometry providing you and your customers the utmost safety and a substantial savings over the cost of replacement.

Motor Controller

Kart1 has replacement Curtis motor controllers in stock. Each item is sold on an exchange basis with a core required.

Model 1244-5461 - Remanufactured Curtis 36/48V, 400A (5K-0) SX Control
Model 1243-4320 - Remanufactured Curtis 24/36V, 300A (5K-0) SX Control
Model 1236-5301 - Remanufactured Curtis 36/48V, 350A AC Control
Model 1234-5371 - Remanufactured Curtis 36/48V, 350A AC Control

Motor Repair

Kart1 has replacement motors in stock and ready for immediate shipment. This allows for a quick turn-around, allowing for the least amount of down-time. Both new, and remanufactured (core required) motors are available. Contact sales for more info.

Accelerator Box Repair

Because the Accelerator Box has such a high frequency of movement, it can be prone to needing repair. Kart1 can service these with new rotating parts, making them work like new.