High performance electrical kart made with a chassis inspired by the racing world and equipped with a high power asynchronous engine; all powered by High Power Lithium Polymer batteries. These features ensure a truly exciting driving experience. Furthermore, maintenance of the kart does not require highly skilled vehicle mechanics. The power delivery can be fully managed by the drivers thanks to the high quality electronic motor controls. The kart has a life cycle of 20 minutes. The high power Lithium Polymer batteries are monitored by the electronic BMS circuit and they can be quickly recharged in 30 minutes (various sizes of battery chargers are available)

From endothermic 125 karts
Tubular frame Ø 32mm Chrome-Molybdenum
Polyethylene seat (size 4 – large)
Front anti-roll bar
Adjustable rear anti-roll bar
Floating self-ventilated front discs
Front self-registrating 2-piston calipers
Back self-registrating 4-piston calipers
Double hydraulic brake pump with a rocker-arm control to adjust the braking distribution
High frequency vector control
Eco/Sport power switch
Three-phase asynchronous
Peak power 23 kW (31 Hp)
Maximum speed 8000 RPM
Maximum torque 50 Nm at 3000 RPM
Lithium Polymer 72V 40Ah (600 A)
Weight 25 kg
The kart can be equipped with additional outer protection. Such protection can be used for Karts on indoor tracks with safety barriers around the track.