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Only Barrier System That Retains Original Position After Impact

Our Protex karting barrier system sets the standard for the industry, and is ideal for both permanent and temporary kart tracks, indoors and outdoors. The benefits it affords over other barrier systems, particularly such out-of-date systems as tire barriers or hay bales, are many. If you are seeking an easy-to-install, impact-absorbing, and movable karting barrier for an indoor or outdoor track, you will not find a better solution than Protex. Businesses rise and fall on their investments; rest assured that there is no better investment for your karting business than our karting barrier system.

The Benefits of Protex

The Protex barrier is unique in that it benefits both your business and your customer. As a business owner, you enjoy lower maintenance costs, lower installation costs, greatly reduced replacement costs, and stunning design that can give your track a high-end aesthetic. Your customers will enjoy greater visibility, greater impact absorption, and greater safety – and they’ll likely appreciate the looks just as much as you do!

The Benefits are Clear:

  • Easy to install
  • Unbreakable
  • Great impact absorption
  • Radically reduces maintenance costs
  • Great visibility for the driver
  • Stunning aesthetics with optional LED lights

If you are seeking an impact-absorbing karting barrier system, we encourage you to explore all that our Protex barriers have to offer. Easily installed and movable, they make great temporary karting barriers for outdoor circuits (such as those for private events or marketing exercises), yet are robust and strong enough to provide years of use in permanent placements.