This Kart model is equipped with a direct current electrical motor without a differential. It is suitable for children that are at least 120 cm high.
Even smaller children can drive the karts when using a polyurethane child seat and special pedals (supplied as accessories).

INDOOR / OUTDOOR Indoor Kart realized for indoor tracks
Outdoor Kart realized for rain conditions
TRANSMISSION Chain Kart with chain transmission
Belt Kart with belt transmission for lower noise levels
BATTERIES TYPE Lead Kart setted up for lead batteries
Lithium Not available for this model


Two 12V lead batteries; maximum 60 min. autonomy depending on the preset speed; 10-20 min. charging time depending on consumption;


Lenght: 176 cm ; Breadth: 130 cm
Extremly solid chassis, made of seamless special chromium
Molybdenum steel tubes of 28 mm in diameter
Replaceable spindle holder
Adjustable caster / camber
Anodized aluminium footplate
Special rental pedals
Mechanical brake system
Single axle d. 30
Steel sportive steering wheel
Resin adjustable seat
Rollbar disassembling
Integral resin body
Thermoformed all around polythylene bumpers
DC current engine with a maximum of 1.2 kW power
Engine with waterproof treatment for outside use
2 high capacity lead batteries: 24V
Rapid recharge: 10 to 20 minutes
Multi-function digital electronics with energy recovery
Adjustable speed from 0 – 40 km/h
4 pre-set speeds: entry-box, beginner, intermediate and advanced + stop
Forward / reverse / stop run switch
Pre-equipped for complete radio control system and automatic speed
Reduction in pits
Two or three point safety belt
Available colors: red or yellow