de Haardt EV Shutdown Transponder

de Haardt EV Shutdown Transponder

Every Electric kart to be controlled remotely must be equipped with an Xtra.EV Shutdown Transponder. Assembly is quite simple thanks to the V-shaped bottom which fits perfectly on both round and square frame tubes. Controlling may be done through individual kart, group of karts or all karts together. These numbers can be assigned by track operators using the Xtra.Remote Control. Multiple tracks can be controlled fully independently. Split tracks may be (re)combined to one single track with a few clicks on the Xtra.Remote Control.

The Xtra.EV Shutdown transponder is fully configurable by the user and therefore can work with a wide range of motor controllers. Thanks to the high efficiency electronics, the input voltage lies in the range of 10…95V. This exceptional range makes the Xtra.EV Shutdown transponder operate on electric karts using up to 6 series batteries of 12V. During charging of the batteries the Xtra.EV Shutdown transponder can be LOCKED. During the LOCK the Xtra.EV Shutdown transponder does not respond anymore to speed commands coming from the Xtra.Remote Control. This gives extra safety during charging.

The total battery voltage can be read out in real time using of the Xtra.Remote Control.

de Haardt EV Shutdown Transponder


Dimensions LxWxT = 83x67x39.5 mm
Antenna Integrated
Maximum number of karts Approx. 1.000.000

245 custom assignable (short) kart numbers

Maximum number of groups 5 custom assignable group numbers
Maximum number of tracks 4 custom selectable
Engine EV-Shutdown Yes
Operating principle Relais switch table
Operating voltage range 10 … 95 Volt
Radio technology 2 way communication
Network By means of the network connection, (future) units on the kart can mutually communicate
Accu voltage meter Real time readable with the Xtra.Remote Control
Motor controller type Example: Curtis, Zapi, Asmo, Gravitron and more
Engine running time counter Real time readable with the Xtra.Remote Control
Enclosure Mountable on round and square tubes, supported with tie-wrap feeds
Weight Approx 200 grams
Temperature range -10 … +55 Degress Celsius
Programmable relais states
  • Power-up
  • Speed 1
  • Speed 2
  • Speed 3
  • Speed 4
  • Stop
  • Lock
  • Unlock

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