All OTL karts use a single battery charger capable of supplying via a smart card set up to 24 Volts, 48 Volts or 72 Volts, the varying voltages necessary. Our battery charger is using the latest advanced technology, equipped with a ventilation system and digital screen monitor that displays the consumption of electricity in KW, the current supplied in amps, the time remaining for the recharge, the state of the recharge, the state of the recharge and the voltage of the batteries. We use and recommend Optima or Exide ORB 34 DC batteries which both are gel seal with maintenance free.

The adult model Storm has a maximum autonomy of 20 minutes, but usually it is driven at full power for 8 to 9 minutes in order to reduce the recharge time under 8 minutes. While 10 karts are on the track, 10 karts are being recharged. Therefore, for a fleet of 20 karts, 10 battery chargers are needed.

The battery charger requires a three-phase current of 208, 380 or 480 Volts and needs 7 KW of power, so for 10 battery chargers 70 KW are needed.

CBHF6 Charger